‘Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?’ (2018)

Elizabeth Warren Reacts to Supreme Court Roe v. Wade Leak

“You and your little dog! Yaa-ha-hah!” [Cackles insanely]

In 2018 you couldn’t watch a cat video on YouTube without some political ad breaking in on you, most of them, maybe even all of them, by Democrats.

Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?

This year, every day our email gets filled by a dump truck’s worth of political ads, almost all of them from out of state, all schnorring for money; it’s always there waiting for us in the morning.

Hey! Does anybody out there still watch television? What’s it like on TV, this year?

4 comments on “‘Why Can’t They Leave Us Alone?’ (2018)

  1. The one concession I make to Big Tech is paying for a YouTube subscription, so I don’t have to watch ads. It’s the best spent money I can imagine. I gave up on TV 45 years ago, and don’t miss it a bit.

    1. In 2018 they interrupted YouTube videos with Democrat political ads. Haven’t seen that yet this year, maybe it backfired on them.

    2. Advertising is tricky stuff. Because of not watching TV, I’m spared a lot of information that I’m glad not to be taking in. We live in a gale of misinformation, which blows night and day.

  2. I keep getting texts — dozens and scores of them a day — from politicians wanting money from me. My call filter usually sends most of them to a spam/blocked folder, but I still have to go in and delete them and then check them off on my call filter app. It’s a royal pain in the posterior.

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