It’s About Time Someone Said This

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A New York Superior Court judge has ruled that keeping mail-in voting in place because of COVID-19 fears, is unconstitutional ( In fact, said the judge, this policy strands citizens “in an Orwellian perpetual state of health emergency… cloaked in a veneer of voter enfranchisement.”

The judge ordered local election boards to stop counting such absentee ballots.

Boy, was this ever overdue!

In 2019 it was measles, but that didn’t fly. In 2020 it was the gift from Hades, the Chinese Wuhan Death Virus, and they were off to the races with the lockdowns and the mail-in voting. In 2022 they tried it with monkey pox, but by then the people weren’t buying.

Much has been done, this time around, to make it harder to cheat. But it has not been made impossible to cheat. Mail-in voting and drop boxes were open invitations to electoral fraud in 2020.

Ooh-ooh-ooh! You are an Election Denier!

The 2020 election? Damned right I deny it. Me and several tens of millions of others.

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