“‘Our Conservative Movement’ (LOL)” (2015)

What with the midterm elections just eight days away, we’re getting inundated with emails from politicians schnorring for contributions. Out-of-state money seems to be their favorite dish… but it leaves a bad aftertaste.

‘Our Conservative Movement,’ LOL

I love these characters who pass themselves off as “conservatives” when they haven’t conserved, or even tried to conserve, a cotton-pickin’ thing. C’mon, Karl Rove! You can’t believe you’re fooling anybody.

Well, ignore the emails, disregard the polls, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Yes, some of those are wastes of space; but Job One is to chase the Democrats out of office before they can do our country any more harm. We can deal with the RINOs next time out.

Look around. If you see anything being conserved, please let me know.

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