“‘Our Conservative Movement’ (LOL)” (2015)

What with the midterm elections just eight days away, we’re getting inundated with emails from politicians schnorring for contributions. Out-of-state money seems to be their favorite dish… but it leaves a bad aftertaste.

‘Our Conservative Movement,’ LOL

I love these characters who pass themselves off as “conservatives” when they haven’t conserved, or even tried to conserve, a cotton-pickin’ thing. C’mon, Karl Rove! You can’t believe you’re fooling anybody.

Well, ignore the emails, disregard the polls, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Yes, some of those are wastes of space; but Job One is to chase the Democrats out of office before they can do our country any more harm. We can deal with the RINOs next time out.

Look around. If you see anything being conserved, please let me know.

‘Am I Still on “The Right”?’ (2017)

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This question hasn’t gone away since I asked it four years ago. Again I ask Conservatives, what are they conserving?

Am I Still on ‘the Right’?

We’ve done a very poor job of, um, “conserving” our culture. What we’ve done is to let the Far Left Crazy trash it. Now we’re stuck with a transgender movement–which, if everybody does it, the human race goes extinct. Which is almost certainly its purpose. All Satantic schemes are aimed at death.

Some of these “conservatives,” as long as their stock porfolio’s all right and there’s no riff-raff in the country club, all’s right with the world…

‘The Reversal of Standards’ (1990)

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What do “conservatives”… conserve?

I often find myself wondering, What are certain “conservatives” conserving? Not the Christian faith. Not the culture.

R.J. Rushdoony beat me to it, though. He was asking that question in 1990.


He reserved some of his sharpest barbs for churchmen who chattered about “values” without even mentioning where those values come from, and at most venturing “an occasional ‘nod to God’.”

Even 30 years ago, prominent “conservatives” had cut themselves off from their Christian roots. Without those roots, whatever anyone says is merely his personal opinion, nothing more than that. It may have been more eloquent, but William F. Buckley’s opinion was worth no more than Elizabeth Warren’s. If it ain’t planted in the solid, nurturing ground of Christianity, it will bear no fruit. (Buckley did turn back to Christianity later in life.)

By 2010 I realized that bow tie-and-country club conservatives had nothing to offer but another brand of worldly chit-chat. I hear so much of it.

Conservatives! What do you think you’re conserving?

What’ll I Do Today? Bash ‘True Conservatives’!

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This bullfrog has nothing to do with the post. It’s just a nice picture of a bullfrog.

Actually, that’s not such a hard question to answer: everything’s closed. I guess I’ll just go outside and have a cigar, and maybe check up on the progress of Quokka University–which is not closed, because it hasn’t opened yet.

I just read an article by some “true conservative” I never heard of, saying that, although President Trump has done a lot of things right, he’s still just a New York liberal at heart, who has no “deep core of true conservatism,” blah-blah. What a lot of schiff.

Who are the “true conservatives”? They’re the ones who are absolutely nowhere to be found whenever liberals are trashing our country and debauching our culture. Live birth abortion? Transgender rights? Same-sex fake marriage? For all these fights and more, “true conservatives” are to be found off on a cruise ship somewhere. Reminds me of a movie called “Ship of Fools.”

What have these self-anointed “true conservatives” ever conserved? I mean, look at us! We now have “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Anybody here from any “true conservatives” over that? The moment there’s a battle to be fought, they’re outta here.

Donald Trump has done more practical conservative action than the whole tribe of “true conservatives” put together with RINOs thrown in.

I don’t mind them going on cruises.

I just mind them coming back.