‘The Future of Democracy’ (Oh, Please!)

Photos of Joe Biden Eating Ice Cream

Here he is in one of his increasingly rare lucid intervals.

Crapmeister-in-Chief SloJo Biden last night warned Americans that “the future of democracy” is on the line in next week’s midterm elections (https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/2022-11-03/ty-article/update-5-biden-warns-election-deniers-pose-threat-blames-trump/00000184-3ad0-d46d-ab96-bafb924b0000).

SloJo launched a pre-emptive strike on “election deniers,” them being such a mortal threat to democracy and all. Here’s how I interpret it:

“We’ve gotta keep our power, we’ve gotta win these elections, so of course we’re cheating, we couldn’t possibly win if we didn’t–and come Nov. 9, any Republican who accuses us of cheating is A Threat To Democracy!”

Tens of millions of us are convinced the 2020 election was rigged to put Biden in the White House. Hmmm… If it were 51% of us who thought so, wouldn’t “democracy” require that to be the official position?

Lessee, what do you suppose really is a greater threat to our republic? (They keep calling it a “democracy,” but it isn’t. The Constitution guarantees each state in the union a republican form of government.) People saying the 2020 election was something less than honest… or runaway inflation, feckless foreign policy, massive governmental corruption, transgender mania, zillions of illegals rushing over our un-enforced southern border, Critical Race Theory in our schools… or Dodderin’ Joe himself and the idiots with which he is surrounded?

Take all the time you need to think about it.

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