My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 3 (‘You Have a Right to Be Wrong’)

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Now they’ve got him on a postage stamp–for saving women’s lives. But back then… they beat him to death for bucking the establishment.

Establishments don’t like to be shown up for less than omniscient, and they get really, really mad at anyone who dares to do it.

You Have a Right to Be Wrong

Our political establishment has joined with our “scientific” establishment in a secularist jihad to wipe out “misinformation.” Question: What do you get when you mix science and politics? Answer: More damned politics!

Our only hope, short of God’s personal intervention, is a total wipeout of Democrats in next week’s elections.

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  1. Great column, Lee.

    It’s a sad, but true tale, and as you demonstrate, history has had plenty of examples of people being shouted down, because they dared to have an original idea. I’m watching the Twitter thing with great interest.

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