It’s Election Day

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And here we are again, waiting to see the fate of our country decided… by whom, we aren’t quite sure. I haven’t had the heart, yet, to visit any nooze sites.

There are things waiting to come out of the dark and savage us. Democrats have already imposed on us race-baiting in the public schools, transgender mania, non-existent borders, towering inflation, military defeat in Afghanistan (we haven’t forgotten that, have we?), censorship–need I go on? Do you think we can take much more of this and still be America? But then SloJo Biden, our so-called president, says “There’s nothing special about being an American.”

It’s also my wife’s birthday. Helluva day to have a birthday.

We are governed by people who hate us, hate our traditions, hate our God, and hate our country and want to turn it into a one-party top-down Far Left anti-Christian hell-hole. I have just described the Democrat Party.

Look at the damage they’ve done in just two years.

Pray for repentance–these things have come upon us as the result of our sin, our arrogance. We really have to stop doing the kind of stupid, evil stuff that got us this far down the road to oblivion.

May the almighty, all-righteous God save us for His great name’s sake! Amen.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Patti!

    I pray for things to go well with your election. Even up here in Canada, it’s really, really obvious the Dems have been going all out to manipulate the results – while accusing the Reps of doing what they are doing.

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