‘How Should a Christian View Organ Transplants?’

What's Wrong with Loving what God Hates? Ep. 179

Dr. Heidi Klessig is part of our blog fellowship, a regular visitor here. She was also invited a few days ago to be Andrea Schwartz’s guest on “Out of the Question.”


Organ transplants is a thorny subject. I keep thinking of a line in The Princess Bride, spoken by Miracle Max: “Mostly dead is a little bit alive.” And that takes us straight to the heart of the ethical dilemma.

Who could be more helpless, more defenseless, than a hospital patient whom the doctors have given up for lost? And we do know what God thinks of taking advantage of the helpless, don’t we?

There’s a lot of food for thought here, and none of it’s easy.

3 comments on “‘How Should a Christian View Organ Transplants?’

  1. Sadly, respect for the sanctity of life is pretty much extinct among much of the secular world. That would be the biggest worry, for me. I could easily see someone’s exit from this world being, shall we say, expedited, so that their organs could be harvested.

  2. Thanks for posting on this, Lee! My husband often says that sin leads us to where there are no good options except for repentance. The current transplant system is built on euthanizing sick people in order to obtain their organs. If we hadn’t been spending all our time and research dollars on this unethical system, medical science would likely have come up with more effective treatments for people with failing organs by now. For more info on what types of transplant are ethical and how to opt out of being harvested while you are still alive, go to respectforhumanlife.com.

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