Pollsters Got It Wrong. Again.

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Let’s just get this out of the way.

Just 24 hours ago, the Internet was abuzz with polls and prognostications of a Republican tsunami, a big red wave that would sweep the Evil Party out of Congress and hamstring SloJo’s efforts to turn us into a province of Red China.

But of course they were all wrong, all of them, and there was no red wave, barely a ripple, lots of prominent Bad Guys elected. Do they just tell us what they think we want to hear, or is there just more cheating than they can allow for?

The picture is still muddled, we have no clarity as yet. But let me say this.

If, when the smoke clears, we (“we” being the normal people of America, mostly represented by Republicans, certainly never by Democrats) have majorities in both houses of Congress, those majorities must immediately vote to reopen the Keystone Pipeline and do everything else we need to do to restore our energy supply.

Two ways we win: either the Evil Party gives in and allows the pipeline to be reopened (I can’t imagine them doing that), or Biden vetoes it, Democrats block a move to override the veto, and presto! They totally own high gas prices, lock, stock, and barrel.

Any majority at all, and we must force them to own their insane and wicked public policies. Critical Race Theory in the schools? All yours! Ruptured border? You’ve got it. Inflation out the wazoo? That’s your names on it, Democrats. Force their hand and make them show America what villains they are.

But all bets are off if we just can’t stop the cheating.

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