‘Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring’ (2015)

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I re-run this post every now and then because it drives home two major points:

1. Public education is beyond repair. Get out while you can.

2. Living in a Red State like Texas means nothing at all; the same wacko “educatorxs” control public schooling in all 50 states.

Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring

How is it even possible to “threaten” anybody with a magic ring? Do “teachers” not understand that there is no such thing? This, by the way, was the Kermit Elementary School–named for Kermit the Frog?–in Texas. You don’t have to be in Massachusetts or California for your kids to be “educated” by idiots.

Why are your children still in public school? What kind of magic have they used on you?

4 comments on “‘Child Suspended from School for ‘Threat’ to Use Magic Ring’ (2015)

    1. I could use some magic for this blog–viewership down by at least 33% in November so far. Yours is the first comment of the day.

    2. I know that in my case, I have become incredibly busy, over the last few weeks, and sometimes I don’t have any time to read until late in the day, when, ironically, the phone invariably rings.

    3. October was a pretty good month here–the only really good month this year–but Nov. 1 was like getting a door slammed shut in front of me. I wish I understood why that happens! If I did, I might know what to do about it.

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