My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 10 (‘Now What?’)

Voting Equipment Goes Up In Flames In Congo's Capital As Election  Approaches : NPR

So much for predictions.

Once again we find inexplicable election results, nationwide, always to the benefit of the Democrat Party.

As discouraging as this is, we just have to keep going, keep working, keep praying. We must never consent to any government that buries us in wicked, stupid policies.

Now What?

I do have a question about those polls, though. Were they purposely setting us up for this? They seem to have no regard at all for their future credibility. They all cried, “Red Wave!” And they were all wrong.

Or has our nation not yet filled its cup of iniquity, and there’s a lot more of  getting slapped around before the crash comes? More illegals swarming across the broken border, more Woke DA’s turning violent criminals loose on our streets, more transgender, more race-baiting, and all the rest of that De Lux Democrat Fun-Pak?

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  1. For one thing, there was obviously quite a bit of fraud at the polls. Too much of a coincidence that the malfunctioning machines and paper shortages happened primarily in counties that were either traditionally red or in the process of flipping red. And too much of a second coincidence that all this malfunctioning happened only on Election Day and not during early voting. And so on and so forth. However….

    Some of the Republican candidates were (shall we say?) not the best picks — and those were the ones that the leftists (including Soros) threw a lot of money at, hoping they would lose. Surely the GOP could have found stronger contenders in those cases. But conversely, there were some very strong candidates who also lost, so it’s hard to tell. I’m going with fraud in those cases, rather than faulty polls.

    But the polls are indeed a problem. Overly positive polls can kill a candidate just as much as overly negative ones can. The overly negative ones may make people think “what’s the use” and stay home, but the overly positive ones can make them so complacent that they stay home, thinking their vote isn’t needed.

    So I know I’m diverging here from some of my most trusted bloggers and substackers who say that the main problem isn’t fraud but the choice of poor candidates and the lack of a specific positive platform rather than just “we’re not the bums on the other side.” I think it’s not an either/or but mostly fraud that might have been overcome with more of a positive platform (viz. the one advanced by Ron DeSantis) spread more forcefully, less preliminary crowing about a coming red wave, and definitely taking the fraud problem more seriously and figuring a way to head it off.

    End of harangue. For the time being.

    1. As I wandered all over the Internet on Election Day, almost all of what I saw was reports of voting machine glitches and malfunctions all over the country, to a degree I’ve never seen before. It seems our election technology is just a lot of hi-tech garbage.

    2. But again, isn’t it strange that none of these glitches were reported during the early voting? Only on Election Day did they suddenly pop up all over the place … where they were most needed.

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