‘Pervocracy’ (2017)

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Still sinkin’ in the quicksand

Once again the D.C. Swamp has turned back efforts to drain it (we know who you are, Mitch McConnell–Republican “leader” who wouldn’t back Republican candidates). SloJo Biden’s shambles of a presidency has two more years to make us wish our fathers never met our mothers.

And they keep finding these really screwed-up people to bring into the government.


Do they actually go out looking for some of these characters? “Sorry, you won’t do–too sane!” That guy Fetterman was no prize before he had his stroke; now, completely ga-ga, he’s not only going to be one of Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators… but some noozies are already talking him up as presidential timber. “Wahoo! We finally found someone more zoned out than Biden!”

Work, pray, plead for God’s mercy…

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  1. The more defective a politician is, the easier it is for the handlers to maneuver him (or her). We’re being ruled by powers behind the visible freaks.

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