McConnell: 7% Approval Rating

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Why is this man smiling?

I try not to be tedious with pure politics–but when was the last time you saw a Senate Minority Leader with a 7% approval rating? But that’s where Sen. Mitch McConnell’s standing (

Seven percent–yeesh! He’s practically radioactive. Within his own party, nationwide, McConnell (R-KY) scores only 18%. He’s due to seek re-election to his post this week, but a lot of senators want to put it off until they see how Herschel Walker does in his runoff election in Georgia. Since 2021 McConnell has been hovering between 8 and 11 percent.

Let me first say one good thing about him: Mitch McConnell blocked *Batteries Not Included from naming that dindle Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. We wound up stuck with him as head of the Dept. of, uh, “Justice.” That’s bad enough; but a seat on the Supreme Court is for life. So thank you for that, Senator McConnell.

That being said, he didn’t exactly go full-throttle in helping Republicans in last week’s midterm elections. One gets a strong sense that he’s content with being Number Two in a two-party system. And Democrat shyster Chuck Schumer is already courting him as a potential ally. Heaven forbid.

It’s flaming obvious that Republicans need a new leader in the Senate. No candidate seems to have emerged as yet. Could it be that the Republicans have simply run out of leadership material?

Sure looks like it.


4 comments on “McConnell: 7% Approval Rating

  1. If you want to know why, in part, the red wave never materialized, well Mitch and the GOPe have a share of the blame. Not only did they not support MAGA candidates, but they actively campaigned AGAINST them. With “friends” like these, who needs enemies? They were willing to throw this fight just to make Trump and MAGA candidates look bad. We not only have the Dems to fight at our front, but the Republican Establishment to fight at out rear.

    1. The country-club Republicans might as well be Democrats. Certainly they feel more comfortable with Far Left Crazy and Super-Corrupt than they feel with us.

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