‘Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus’

The Welsh melody “Hyfrydol” goes with several different hymns and this is one of them–Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus, performed here by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral.

We’re open for hymn requests, everybody, if you’ve got any.

4 comments on “‘Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus’

  1. I haven’t heard this wonderful old hymn in many years. It’s not in my Lutheran Hymnal I still own…we didn’t sing that in any of the churches I have attended during the last 30 years or so, and so, I wonder, where did I hear this before?

    Maybe, as you say, there are several different hymns that use the same melody, that must be where I have heard this before, same melody, a different hymn with different words. Now, what are the names of those other hymns?

    Anyway, thank you for placing it here.

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