‘Alleluiah! Sing to Jesus’

Alleluiah! Sing to Jesus, here sung by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral, is one of many hymns that go with the Welsh melody called “Hyfrydol”–composed in 1830 by Rowland H. Prichard when he was just 19 years ago. Did he ever dream that people would sing it in churches all over the world?

‘Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus’

The Welsh melody “Hyfrydol” goes with several different hymns and this is one of them–Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus, performed here by St. Michael’s Singers at Coventry Cathedral.

We’re open for hymn requests, everybody, if you’ve got any.

Hymn: ‘Hyfrydol’

We’ll have a hymn now. It can’t hurt.

Please pray for us.

Hyfrydol (“Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus”), by the Choir of Kings College, Cambridge.

‘Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus’

The traditional Welsh melody, Hyfrydol, goes with more hymns than I can list. Here it is–along with gorgeous video of the seaside–as Alleluiah, Sing to Jesus, sung by the choir at St. Mary’s Church in Scarborough, England. I love to play this hymn on my harmonica.