‘Nooze & Politics: It’s Bloomberg’ (2019)

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In 2019 the potential Democrat candidate for president who scared me most was Michael Bloomberg, owner of Bloomberg News, who’d recently finished a 12-year stint as mayor of New York City without leaving it a shambles.

Nooze & Politics: It’s Bloomberg

Remember? Bloomberg spent half a billion (!) dollars on the primaries, with nothing to show for it but a couple of delegates from Guam.

I was afraid of Bloomberg because he combined administrative competence with way out-to-lunch social engineering schemes. Banning soda, banning salt, for example. He believed the chief use of taxation was to make people behave as the government wants them to behave. And of course he was for open borders.

In light of what we wound up getting, Bloomberg couldn’t possibly have been anything but better. But when cheating is rewarded with impunity, you know the Biden family won’t be far behind.

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  1. Surely you meant “2019,” not “1919,” although in some ways 2019 does seem like a century ago.😉

  2. Thanks, Lee. I feel so much better now, knowing other better authors, make the same kind of errors.

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