‘How to Write a Really Rotten Novel’ (2015)

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I post this now and then because readers seem to find some comfort in it. As in, “Yes, absolutely, that was a book that stunk on toast, it was pure rubbish, and no, it was not great art that everyone appreciates but you!”

How to Write a Really Rotten Novel

You could fill Grand Canyon with awful paperbacks that have been published. Oh, forsooth! Remember Leisure Books? They finally bit the dust in 2010. Paid the lowest advances I ever heard of; but the bilge they published didn’t deserve any better.

Hey, if you wanna read that stuff, be my guest. What you do with your spare time is your own business.

3 comments on “‘How to Write a Really Rotten Novel’ (2015)

    1. Thing is, you don’t always know it’s going to be a rotter when you first buy the book. Maybe the cover fooled you. Maybe it got good reviews. So you want up stuck with it.

  1. It strikes me that a lot of writing falls into the broad category of superhero fantasy. I’m not talking about someone like Superman, who could fly, etc. but more along the lines of the TV Batman, who had all the limitations of a normal human, but was very clever, very fit and exceptionally fortunate. It’s ok, until someone starts believing it.

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