By Request, ‘Away in a Manger’

Do you feel it yet–the Christmas spirit? You know, I think I do! My soul is drinking in these carols.

Requested by Erlene–Away in a Manger, sung by Nat King Cole. This is the carol’s American melody. Next time I post it, I’ll use the British melody.

Come on, now, don’t be shy! There’s room in this contest for everybody.

10 comments on “By Request, ‘Away in a Manger’

  1. Thank you for the great song, and for the information that there was another melody. I didn’t realize that.

    1. Well, it was not available here in the Philippines. This is the first time a video you posted, I was not able to watch.

  2. To show that this Scottish woman like Nat King Cole can I please have “Adeste Fideles” by him. Thank you.

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