My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 1 (‘Old’ Does Not Mean ‘Obsolete’)

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I grew up being taught that the older you got, the more people would listen to you–because you had experience, knowledge, you’d proved yourself.

But it doesn’t seem to be the case today, does it?

‘Old’ Does Not Mean ‘Obsolete’

All my life I’ve heard libs and leftids yammering for “change.” Well, we’ve had “change” out the wazoo; but aside from advances in dentistry and chess notation, it doesn’t seem to have done us any good. Well, maybe you think “transgender” is a good thing. If so, we don’t have much to say to one another.

Just because the driver missed the turn does not mean the turn he should or should not have made is irrelevant. Foolishness does not erase the truth. It just squawks louder.

4 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 1 (‘Old’ Does Not Mean ‘Obsolete’)

  1. Truth does not change, no matter how much some people try to make it so. No generation had all the truth, but these days, that is the direction we need to look for more truth, and we are the only generation that has a slight chance to add back at least some truth among all the nonsensical ideas that are being introduced.

  2. Rehoboam inherited the throne from Solomon and decided to increase the burden upon the people, ignoring wise and experienced counselors, in favor of young, inexperienced counselors. The nation was rent apart, and things went quite poorly, thereafter.

    The current mindset will do no better.

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