My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 8 (‘The Far Left Death Cult’)

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Christine Gauthier… Does she deserve to be snuffed out?

Patty says this is one of my best columns ever. Judge for yourselves.

The Far Left Death Cult

In case anybody hasn’t noticed it, our civilization has been pulled very close to the edge of destruction. When the only offer they can make you is euthanasia, it’s time to rebuild civilization without them.

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  1. God told Abraham that his seed would not inherit the Promised Land, until the iniquity of the Hittites had become complete. There’s a lesson in this. Obviously, when human life becomes valueless, a civilization is in real trouble. You might even say that it is no longer a civilization. This will not stand.

  2. A keenly incisive article, and I’d be inclined to agree with Patty about it’s being one of your best except that there are so many outstanding ones to choose from.

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