My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 8 (‘The Far Left Death Cult’)

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Christine Gauthier… Does she deserve to be snuffed out?

Patty says this is one of my best columns ever. Judge for yourselves.

The Far Left Death Cult

In case anybody hasn’t noticed it, our civilization has been pulled very close to the edge of destruction. When the only offer they can make you is euthanasia, it’s time to rebuild civilization without them.

She Needs a Chair Lift and They Offer Her… Death

Paralympian Christine Gauthier injured her back in a training accident in the 1980s.

Christine Gauthier at the Paralympics: has she earned death?

Christine Gauthier, a military veteran who injured her back in 1989, represented Canada in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Now she wants (and needs) a chair lift in her home. “Well, we can’t do that for you,” says the government, “so how about we give you assisted suicide instead?” (

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says this is “unacceptable,” and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating four similar cases. The “agent” who handled those cases is now suspended.

Well, we told you Far Left Crazy is a death cult, didn’t we? When in doubt, snuff ’em out.

How come no philanthropically-minded zillionaire hasn’t stepped up and offered to buy her a chair lift with his pocket change? Has Canada made that illegal? Or are they just that high on “medically assisted suicide”?

Proverbs 8: 36–“All they that hate me love death.”