‘Teacher’ Caught Molesting Kids–In Class


Here’s the mug shots. I never saw mug shots of any of my teachers… but times have changed.

What do public school “teachers” have to do before parents pull their children out of the system?

A former “Educator of Excellence” (2017) at a grade school in Benson, Minnesota, who has been teaching in the district for more than 30 years, has been put on paid leave–that’s when you get all your money and benefits but don’t have to work–after police arrested him for…

Molesting three 7 and 8-year-old boys in his classroom while school was in session–

And while a video camera was recording it! (https://alphanews.org/teacher-accused-of-molesting-children-in-class-placed-on-paid-leave/).

He’s out now on $25,000 bail.

Are we just going to stand here wondering while our whole civilization is destroyed? What can we do to stop this madness?

But many of our world leaders don’t want it stopped, do they? Steal any election, anywhere, any time, and you can just do what you want.

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  1. Well, what can we expect when we no longer honor and fear God and His instructions. We will pay dearly for this rebellion

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