‘What Makes People Stupid?’ (2013)

STUPID IDIOT stamp seal imprint with grunge texture. Designed with rounded  rectangles and circles. Blue vector rubber print of STUPID IDIOT label with  grunge texture. Stock Vector | Adobe Stock

Some folks think stupidity is contagious and you can catch it over the airwaves. That would explain a lot. But sometimes it seems the only road in town is Stupid Street.


If you could avoid school, college, TV, superhero movies, most of our politicians… I mean, I once saw a Law & Order episode that I’m sure killed at least 50 of my brain cells.

I don’t know how anybody survives the combination of college and television.

6 comments on “‘What Makes People Stupid?’ (2013)

  1. IMHO, stupidity is highly contagious. We’ve discussed the deficiencies of the education system many times, and that is definitely a major problem. Superhero movies absolutely astound me. How can any adult saturate themselves with this nonsense? I could understand one or two such movies, but these days, that’s all they seem to make. If I hear one more person refer to their “spidey sense”, I think I’ll scream.

    1. It would be nice if I didn’t have to hear people’s mobile phones ringing. 🙂

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