Cuddly Critters

You’d think a big dog wouldn’t think twice about devouring a rabbit or a guinea pig. But domestication engages most mammals’ better nature–and anyhow, you can never get too much cuddling and it’ll never do you anything but good. Ask any of these animals.

7 comments on “Cuddly Critters

    1. Here’s another one. I was home alone at night, reading “The Exorcist.” I was sitting in a chair with the back of it practically touching the lizard cage. At a particularly tense moment in the story, Mr. Iguana decided to jump off his perch onto the screen, inches from the back of my neck. Eeeeyiii! He was big enough by then to make quite a loud thump when he did that.

    2. What timing! That’s a terrible time to read “The Exorcist,” Lee – alone at night – yikes!! May be he was sensing your tension.🤔

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