Our Stupid State Dept.

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Sheesh, look at all them freakin’ serifs! You could go blind…

Europe’s on fire with war, Red China wants to invade Taiwan, Brazil’s been taken over by a communist… but our State Dept. has its priorities in order!

They’ve just announced they’re going to change the type font on all official State Dept. documents (https://www.entrepreneur.com/business-news/the-us-state-department-is-canceling-times-new-roman-font/443211). No more “Times New Roman”! It’s got serifs in it. Fooey! It ain’t “accessible” to persons with certain disabilities.

So they’re gonna go with Calibri instead, which has no serifs. Those blasted serifs–

Wait! Stop! News Flash! This Just In: 

“The biggest disability of them all is illiteracy,” says former mental patient Sandy Palooka, now a deputy Secretary of State. “So from now on, no official State Dept. documents at all will be printed! There’s an old saying at the FBI, ‘If you don’t write it down, they don’t got a case.’ Well, that’s a very wise saying and we’re taking it to heart–nothing in writing! Hey, whatever font you use, it don’t matter if somebody they can’t read at all. And if there’s just one person who can’t read, that’s one too many!”


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  1. They thought us in graphic arts that serif fonts were easier on the eyes to read. I guess they didn’t get the memo.

    1. It’s true. Every book on typography and calligraphy says the same, i.e., masses of text in sans serif are hard to read. Serifs make the characters easier to distinguish from each other and are much easier to read. The only people who are helped by sans serif characters are those who use print-to-voice software. All other people, including the moderately vision-impaired (like myself), must suffer. And even with sans serifs, Calibri is particularly hard to read. Even comic sans is easier.

      Sometimes I think the true motivation of these wokeists is to make as many people suffer as possible.

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