Stupid Stuff from Norway: Is White Paint Racist?

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Norway quaffs the Kool-Aid

I wish I could say this is a satire, but it isn’t.

Norway’s University of Bergen has spent over $1 million to find out if white paint is… “racist” ( Actually, it sounds like they’ve already made up their minds and are only “doing research” to spend the money before someone takes it back.

White paint, says one of the jidrools in charge of this caper, helped “contribute to white supremacy” and [trumpet fanfare, please] has “planetary consequences.”

Babble, babble, babble.

Has Western civilization become too stupid to survive?

4 comments on “Stupid Stuff from Norway: Is White Paint Racist?

  1. So how many of these Enlightened Ones (or is the notion of “light” also racist?) going to paint their homes black, inside and out?

  2. Who knew it would be so easy to destroy the West just by changing their thinking and perceptions of reality.

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