My View of Evolution Has Evolved

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Oh, that Golden Treasury of Natural History! I couldn’t get enough of it. Dinosaurs and woolly mammoths! By the time I was in third grade, they used to have me visit the other classrooms and give a little talk on dinosaurs. “Just like listening to a professor at college!” the school secretary once said.

At a very early age I already had an unquestioning belief in Evolution, whatever it was. Why not? Nobody questioned Evolution! Darwin wins, hands down. We started out as parameciums or something and wound up with Mozart. All the books said so.

But the Bible did not say so. And yet, like the rest of America, I toodled off to Sunday school or church on Sunday morning and never suspected there would be even the slightest flaw in my belief system. We were all Christians, weren’t we? (I was including Jews.) I was just a kid, but I never heard an adult question Evolution.

But I’m afraid my beliefs have evolved since then. I have lost my faith in Evolution.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. That’s the first sentence in the Bible. Everything follows from it. I mean, if you literally start quibbling with it from the get-go, how far are you going to get with the rest of it?

God did not leave us blueprints, recipes, or a here’s-how-you-do-it manual. He’s left us with plenty to find out on our own. We’ll have plenty to study in the sweet by and by.

Either God is the Almighty, the Creator, and the ultimate supreme Authority, or He is not. And if He is not, then who is?

I don’t like any of the answers proposed to that question. God protect us from all-devouring governments. God save us from the know-it-alls.

I still love dinosaurs. God created them. We don’t have them here among us anymore, but God has the entire universe at His disposal.

And I don’t believe in Evolution anymore. The more I study the matter, the less sense it makes. All it does, in the long run, is leave us marooned on a truly barren desert island.


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  1. If we slice and dice the Bible into portions we believe, and other portions we do not believe, we are really simply reflecting our opinions, instead of being guided by scripture. I find that the more literally I take scripture, the more sense it makes.

  2. Scripture tells us to take every thought captive to Christ – that means the theory of evolution also. It was truly amazing how quickly the church caved on this.

  3. Yeah, I used to have faith in evolution. That changed when I became a Christian. But It still took years for me to see just how silly and harmful a belief and faith in evolution really is. As I wrote in my book:

    “…the study of evolution is an exercise in futility, for it serves no useful purpose. Are you aware that over the course of many decades, the study of evolutionism’s doctrines has not produced a single useful irrefutable fact, historical information, or any pertinent scientific finding or advancement that would be of benefit to mankind? Of course, at times a bit of useful information may have come out of its study, but that would be in spite of, not because of.
    …Due to the study of evolutionism and its application, there is a massive drain of human capital and resources that would otherwise be channeled and directed to activities that would be of benefit to every nation. Is this not evil and reprehensible, when the world is in desperate need of solutions, real answers to numerous problems vexing mankind, it has been insidiously robbed of the intellect, perspicacity, and abilities of so many of our gifted young people, and redirected their resourcefulness, ingenuity, and imagination, to toil all their lives in fields of useless, valueless, and pointless endeavors?”

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