Isle of Man ‘Pauses’ Drag Queens in Grade School

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Do chickens take better care of their young than we do?

It sounds like pushback… but only time will tell.

A grade school in the Isle of Man brought in a drag queen to teach the kiddies all about sex (… because who would know more about it than a galloping pervert? A child disputed the wacko’s claim that there are “73 genders.” “You’ve upset me,” said the perve, and ordered the child out of class. Kid, that was your good luck.

Parents got wind of the incident and got up a petition to the head teacher and the island’s Dept. of Education Etc. So the authorities decided to “pause”–not stop, not erase, but “pause,” whatever that means–sex education on the island, pending an “investigation.” If they find “Nope, nothin’ wrong here,” the drag queens and their 73 genders will be back.

Honk if you think anywhere is a better place for bringing drag queens into classrooms. I’m sure your reasoning would amaze me.

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  1. My grandparents conceived 10 children, on one side of the family and 6 on the other side. I wonder if they knew anything about sex? Imagine what would have happened if only they could have been availed the instructional services of a drag queen. 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine my grandparents approving of the way sex has become so sensationalized, in our time. In my opinion, they missed out on nothing worthwhile.

  2. This is a quote from the link, and I would add or change the words “ordinary citizens” to Christians. We need Christians involved in everything, from the government on down. If enough Godly parents were part of the government in the first place (there and in the USA), this wouldn’t have been a problem.

    “In a telling indication of how important it is for ordinary citizens to become activists in this time of deep societal and cultural crisis all over the West, the Isle of [Redacted] government didn’t even act until parents started to complain.”

    1. If anybody in our school district had tried these stunts when I was in school, the parents would have chased them out of town–literally.

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