They Want Your Kids to Eat Bugs

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Fill in the blank and win a tin foil hat! I keep on sending my kids to public schools because________.

And don’t ever think your school is a safe place for your kids because you live in a Red state–Utah, for instance. The same teachers’ unions, the same teachers’ colleges, the same Far Left wackos own public education in all 50 states.

In a Utah middle school this week, the, um, “teacher” got her kids to eat bugs ( Why? ‘Cause it’ll Save The Planet! And teacher will give you extra credit! And if you won’t do it… well, go ahead, make their day.

After chowing down on creepy-crawlies, Teacher had the kids write essays about why it’s so good to eat bugs. She told them what to write. All children were required to endorse bug-eating–no other opinion allowed.

Well, you’ve got to admit they’re learning something. “Welcome to your course in How To Knuckle Under To A Dictator!”

Is this more than just disgusting? Is it evil and perverse?

That’s public education!

‘”Pooperintendent of Schools” Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him’ (2019)

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Remember this? Every day, early in the morning, the superintendent of schools would go out and take a dump on another school district’s athletic field…

‘Pooperintendent of Schools’ Seeks Revenge on Cops Who Busted Him

Actually, this story vanished from the headlines as so many nooze stories do, and I don’t know whether this jidrool ever brought his case to court. His claim was that the police ruined his reputation by arresting him. All their fault. Here he was, peacefully crapping in the middle of the athletic field –and they went public with it!

Dude, are you serious? They haven’t found a place for you in the Biden administration? Hey, go see the fat guy with the nail polish, he’ll know what to do.

School Board Pays ANTIFA ‘Teacher’ 3 Years’ Salary to Get Lost

Gabriel Gipe, a California teacher who displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom and said he wanted to turn his students into 'revolutionaries' is receiving three years of salary in exchange for his resignation

Public Education Outrage No. 2:

Look at that. Would you want this… this character “teaching” your children? Well, they had him at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, and parents wanted him fired, they kept demanding it… so the school board has paid him some $190,000 to resign without a lawsuit (

This guy’s a pip. He brags that he’s pledged allegiance to ANTIFA, he had an Antifa flag in his classroom, and Mao Tse-tung posters, everybody’s a “fascist” but him and his playmates, and he declared to the nooze media, “I have 180 days to turn them [his students] into revolutionaries.”

So they paid him three years’ salary to go away. Sweet.

What are the teachers’ colleges turning out, anymore? Why do our school boards hire freaks like this–with our tax dollars? And why, oh, why does anyone send their kids to public school? Don’t you see what’s happening in those schools? Don’t you see what kind of people they employ? People, the school board that you voted for hired this freak!

Do we really have to just sit there while our so-called “education” system destroys our country?