We Has ‘A’ Noo Socile Jutstus TakTik!!!

Sushi-cat. - Drawception

Sumb-tymes my cloathes thay dought “feeel rihght” and Then i disscuver I has axerdently “put themb” On Back-words!!!!!!

So yeasterday i whent to Me Studdies class whith my Pants “on” back-wurds–and i amb teling yiu It “cann” hapen “to” Ennyboddy!-!–and the Prefester and the oather stoodints “thay” stooded Up and Cheeeared!!!!! Thay thawted I done It “on” porpose! to Pro-tesst Trans Fobbier and Racism. The Prefester she sayed “This” “it is reel Socile Jutstus,, it Is “a” fanntastical Way Of saying Our hole no-good Stinkin Sosyetty IT IS LYKE TOETULLY BACKWURDS!!!””!!” And aslo she sayed Evvry Boddy thay shood doo it!!!

So awl the stoodints (exept me, i awlreddy done It) thay toock Off thare Cloathes and putt themb On Back-wirds!!!!! Thare was one Hater Biggit he woodnt do It,, he sayed It “was” Stopid, so sicks (%6) of us we beet himb Up!!! “That is watt Cumpelled Speach it is awl abuot!!”! sayed The Prefester!. She kikked himb too!!

Nhow we Are goingto go Owt and martch aru,ownd The Fowntin by The deen’s howse to Protesst for moar Transgenders in the Caffateeriah!!! I bet he Lissins to us nhow!!!!!!

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  1. Uh-oh, Joe, are you making assumptions about your professor’s and dean’s pronouns? Tsk tsk.

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