‘Inside Facebook’s Censorship Playground’ (2019)

Happy Puppies by Warren Photographic

They wouldn’t censor happy little puppies, would they?

Four years ago, and the rot had already crept up so high. The Internet was supposed to unleash free speech. Liberals turned around and unleashed censorship.

Inside Facebook’s Censorship Playground

They haven’t yet gone so far as to thrust themselves into articles and blog posts and change them, rewrite them, without the authors’ consent. So far they’re only doing this to authors who have already died and can’t sue them.

May the Lord our God confound them.

4 comments on “‘Inside Facebook’s Censorship Playground’ (2019)

  1. Lee, try putting this item together with your other item today about AI, and see what happens — especially the part about rewriting books, articles, and blog posts. With AI, all those things can be rewritten by AI even if the authors are still living, and exactly who’s going to be sued for copyright violation? A robot? A computer? Can’t even sue the programmer, because his defense will be that he didn’t program the AI to do the specific plagiarizing or copyright violations. “It wasn’t my idea, Your Honor, just the unscripted action of the AI circuits.”

    1. I don’t have a tech background, so it’s hard for me to analyze AI issues. I hope Unknowable sees your comment and responds. He’ll know what to say, and he’ll say it a lot better than I can.

    2. P.S.–I do fear the possibility that these worms will bore their way into our writings and change what we say. This could turn into a Far Left-engineered Tower of Babel.

  2. The alternative media to the MSM/Leftist Democratic Party is expanding daily with websites, podcasts, radio talk shows, and new TV channels and streaming services. It took a long time to gaslight the American public so it will most likely take a long time to bring them back to reality through the new alternative media.

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