Yes, College Makes You Crazy. And Stupid

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Holy cow! They’re actually paying to be subjected to this?

O frabjous day! Michigan State University’s 2023 official Language Guide has been released–so students and staff will know what words they’d better not say if they know what’s good for ’em (

The purpose of all this Word Police sh*t is to make everything more “inclusive.” Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? You achieve “inclusion” by excluding stuff! Like any words that might conceivably be associated with America, Christianity, Christmas, Easter, mental health, the past, the present, the future… Crikey, it might be easier just to take a vow of silence.

Can we ask this question again: Why in the world do you people want this? Why do you think our country’s got to have it?

Or, to put it another way–what the devil’s wrong with you?

6 comments on “Yes, College Makes You Crazy. And Stupid

  1. Life is not inclusive. I’ve been excluded from all sorts of things, and I’ve survived, even prospered.

  2. ‘Higher Learning;” what a misnomer when it comes to universities. Use all that tuition money for tutors and self-help courses. Seek out apprenticeship offers. There are choices available.

    1. Cut it way the heck back until it’s just for scholars, like it used to be. 90% of the people who go there don’t need it.

  3. Someone needs to write a paper and use all the forbidden words and terms and see how that sits with those insane officials.

    This is insane, silly, foolish, stupid, ridiculous, senseless, puerile, bizarre, nonsensical, absurd, ludicrous, preposterous, outlandish, unreasonable, laughable, outrageous, shameful, disgraceful, offensive … there are not enough words to describe Michigan State University’s 2023 official Language Guide. They are just simply NUTS!

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