Maine Mom Sues School Board For Hiding Her Child’s ‘Gender Transition’

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Look, Ma, no breasts! Ain’t public education wonderful!

By all means sue the school district for messing with your child’s life–sue them hard, and make it hurt. But for God’s sake, don’t leave your children in those public schools!

A Maine mother is suing her local school district for hiding her 13-year-old daughter’s “gender transition” (–school-wrong-to-help–hide-gender-transition#:~:text=A%20Maine%20woman%20is%20suing,and%20pronouns%2C%20without%20consulting%20parents.). She didn’t know anything about it until she had occasion to open her daughter’s dresser one day and found a “chest binder” in the drawer. For concealing the girl’s breasts, y’know: so she can pretend to be a boy. And they threw in a boy’s name and masculine pronouns to go with it.

Evil. Call it what it is–evil and insane. And it’s going on all over the country, too.

Can we ask the “school officials” (the usual suspects), “Why in heaven’s name do you want this?” Come on, let’s hear the answer! Why are they doing this? What purpose is it meant to serve?

But we’re not going to get an answer; and the only thing to do is to cut to the chase and pull America’s children OUT of public schooling. Nothing else will have the slightest impact.

Face it, the “educators” are not going to change their minds about this. The teachers’ unions won’t, either. Public education in America has become a monstrosity that must be put out of business. Before grandchildren become a subject for cryptozoology.

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  1. This is heartbreaking. Children routinely feel a bit frustrated as they face life, and what is now called “gender dysphoria” can easily be a passing phase in the life of someone as they grow into adulthood. Personally, I think long and hard about any decision with long-term ramifications, and some of the decisions being afforded young people, these days, are very long term. Reproduction is sacred, and teens may well not realize the degree to which they are affecting their futures.

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