Nhow We Has Band ‘The’ Match Gaim!!!!!

Moar fantastickal Progrest!!! Tooday “in” the Stoodint Soviet we has band “The” Match Gaim!!!! Fromb nhow On, enny boddy whoo “plaze” it,, thay Get kikked rite Out “of” Collidge!!

And woodnt yiu Know It,, sumb Biggit Hater thay sayed “waht Is “the” Poynt of that?? That thare sho it “was” On TV sicksty (&^60) yeers aggo!!”! So six (%6#) of us we Beet himb upp! (OOPs! Sari! Shood of sayed beet “themb” Up!!)

I meen, lookit it!!! Awl themb peeple In “the” gaim thay “Are” awl Wyte!!!Iff thatssnot Racist, watt is???? and I bet nun “of” themb is Trans neether!!!! Cant yiu just Feeel The Haite comming Offf “the” skreeen???

So we wil “be” keeeping a Eye “out” nhow for enny boddy, enny stoodint, enny prefesser, enny boddy at awl Waching this heer Show “and” iff we cache themb, THAY ‘ARE’ TOEST!!!!!!!

{Sumb oather Hater Biggit thay sayed the sho It Is “not” on TV enny moar,, so we Beet Themb Up tooo!!! (and thiss tyme I rebembemered To “say” Themb!)!

9 comments on “Nhow We Has Band ‘The’ Match Gaim!!!!!

  1. Why stop there, Joe? Why not ban everything that was ever shown on television before the Great Enlightenment (which is always five minutes ago, since we become more and more enlightened every minute)?

    1. I’m just no fan of the Match Game. Not for any woke cause; I just don’t care for the show.

    2. I didn’t think you’d be old enough to remember it. Maybe there was a second edition more obnoxious than the original.

    3. I saw the original, and the newer editions were enough to make me cringe.

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