What? Ya Mean They Can’t Do That?

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We all know (don’t we?) that the Constitution doesn’t allow the government to restrict free speech, or freedom of religion, freedom of the press, or the right to peaceful assembly. And just in case there was any confusion about it, the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1943 that

“… A state may not induce, encourage, or promote private persons to accomplish what [the state] is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish” (https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/arts-letters/articles/americas-censorship-regime-goes-on-trial-missouri-biden).

Holy cow! You mean the government can’t lean on social media platforms to demand the suppression of any opinions that it doesn’t like? The Constitution, and the Supreme Court, say they’re not allowed to do that?

Well, then, why the devil do they keep doing it? I mean, this is something that they’ve been doing every single day for years!

Finally a lawsuit over this is being heard in the U.S. District Court of Louisiana and is likely on its way to the Supreme Court (Missouri vs. Biden). The government tried to have the suit dismissed but the judge said nothing doing.

This schiff has not only been illegal since 1943; it’s always been illegal!

It’d be nice if we somehow got our government back in line with the Constitution. But don’t look for that to happen without a fight. Big Tech is crawling with “retired” government spooks and spiders. And they are not your friends.

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  1. In Clarence Thomas’ secondary opinion in the Dobbs case, he said that with the Dobbs ruling they should be able to overturn all the Woke Executive Orders Biden has put out. Clarence is our man on the inside track.

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