‘UK Cops: For Shame!’

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You have to earn respect, guys.

Like anybody else, police officers want to be loved and respected. But they’re going about it totally the wrong way.

STEP ONE: Stop acting like Herod’s Men.

UK Cops: For Shame!

There has never been a tyranny, a dictatorship, or an orgy of misrule that wasn’t enforced by police who just follow orders, no matter how evil or ridiculous those orders might be.

When will they get around to formally incinerating the Magna Carta?

And I guess our Constitution will be next.

‘Germany’s Version of Free Speech’ (2019)

In photos: Germany's 'eternal chancellor' Merkel through the ...

Wiping out free speech? Who–me?

“Freedom” has never been popular among big-shot ruling classes. Sometimes it isn’t even popular among the poor plebs who are ruled.

Great efforts have been made to transform Germany into a free country. When that’s accomplished, the next project is to turn lead into gold.

Germany’s Version of ‘Free Speech’

In those few countries where freedom of speech is actually protected by law–our law, the Constitution, forbids the state to  take away that freedom–the government has to find cats’-paws in Big Tech and the corporate world to do their dirty work for them. Somehow Herod never fails to find men to carry out his crimes.

How About… A Global Censorship Regime?

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A guest editorial writer for The Washington Post has declared, “We have to destroy free speech in order to save it!”

Columnist Jock Jidrool said “We’ve got only a few years, two or three at most, before Climate Change catches up to us and that’s all she wrote, game over, no more Mr. Planet! The prime minister of New Zealand, whatsername, is, like, totally right when she says no one in the world should be allowed to express any kind of skepticism for Climate Change! And that goes for gender change, too!”

Leering slyly at the computer monitor which he thinks is a TV camera, Mr. Jidrool says, “Ya want free speech, eh! Well, what kind of free speech do you think you’ll have after you destroy the Planet and everybody dies? Huh? Huh?

“A global speech regime is the answer! The COVID pandemic showed, for sure, that you can make everybody fall into line once you’ve scared their asses off. Once you’ve got ’em all trained to obedience, only then it’ll be safe for them to say what’s on their minds. But as it is, so-called ‘free speech’ might just as well be out-and-out terrorism!”

He also labeled persons who don’t subscribe to The Washington Post “stochastic terrorists.”

New Democrat Buzzword! ‘Stochastic Terrorism’

Merrick Garland's private DOJ memo prompts outrage: 'Nothing will happen to  Trump' | The Independent

The DOJ is watching you, the DOJ is listening! But as long as you never say anything, you’re probably all right. For now.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

This concept can best be illustrated by a fictional example.

Senator LaFong gives a speech criticizing our country’s trade with China. Somewhere in downtown Topeka, Kansas, Lenny Jidrool hears about the speech and decides to go out and shoot up a Chinese restaurant… which he does.

And presto! Sen. LaFong is guilty of “stochastic terrorism.”

“Stochastic,” a term borrowed from mathematics (because hardly anyone ever uses the word and has no idea what it means), has to do with events that are in very general terms predictable, but in specific terms, anything but. Thus you can be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism without ever having had any interaction with any terrorist anywhere. Heck, you can commit the crime without even knowing you were doing so.

A few points to be born in mind:

*Only Republicans can ever be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism. No Democrat will ever be prosecuted or even accused of it. You can say “George Bush blew up the World Trade Center!” till you’re blue in the face, and nothing will ever come of it.

*No member of any Cherished Minority Group can ever be guilty of Stochastic Terrorism.

*Virtually anything a conservative, a Christian, or a Republican says can be linked to some violent criminal action somewhere.

*Absolutely no proof of any kind is needed, ever, to accuse anyone of Stochastic Terrorism. Just make sure you remember that when Democrats or Cherished Minorities do the same things, it’s “restorative justice.”

Once you’ve got everybody thinking they can be shipped off to the gulag at a moment’s notice without understanding any reason for it, the Party will have an easy time keeping the plebs in line.

PayPal Backs Down

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So they wanted to fine customers $2,500 a pop for “promoting misinformation”–or, in plain English, for being… wrong. By “wrong” we mean “PayPal doesn’t want to hear it.”

In just a day PayPal’s stock shares dropped 6%, a PayPal ex-president was slamming his former company for trying to stifle dissenting opinions, and PayPal scrambled to declare the controversial policy was just… “an error” (https://www.reuters.com/business/finance/paypal-says-it-never-intended-fine-users-misinformation-bloomberg-news-2022-10-10/). They didn’t mean it–come on back, everybody.

I would imagine just about everybody is wrong about something every day–probably several times a day. Should you be fined for it–by a private business, no less? Can you imagine the screaming, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth we would have heard… if you could be fined for criticizing Donald Trump? But who ever gets shut down for promoting Far Left Crazy?

How long does Big Tech mean to maintain an adversarial relationship with half (or more–way more) of its customer base? How is this good business? “Buy Bigbee’s Bread–Unless You’re One Of Those Democrat Skunks Out There!” How does Big Tech get away with it? But of course no one would ever be allowed to insult Democrats.

Let’s just see how long it takes for PayPal to try it again.