My Newswithviews Column, April 20 (‘Look Who Wants to Run the World’)

A male stranger in a car trying to lure a girl with candies | Stock image |  Colourbox

“Want some candy, little girl?”

Every sane and decent thing in this poor, fallen world is under attack today… usually by persons who are supposed to be protecting us.

Look Who Wants to Run the World

I keep feeling the need to ask this: “How in the world did we ever let this happen?” We’ve got perverts running the show. United Nations, teachers’ unions, Democrats. “Want some candy, little boy?” You’d swear they were trying on purpose to drive the human race into extinction.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth: “How long, O Lord?”

10 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, April 20 (‘Look Who Wants to Run the World’)

  1. The concept that a child could make an informed decision to consent to sexual activity is very flawed. Children are less experienced in life, less emotionally mature, and could be easily influenced by someone of ill intent. Add in some peer pressure, and you have a recipe for disaster. It was bad enough when I was growing up, and society was not disposed to allow such things back then. These days, there are people that will tolerate almost anything, and children grow up in a very challenging environment.

  2. It’s heartbreaking. This kind of thing is very damaging to children. Where I am concerned, anyone enticing a child sexually is a criminal of the lowest order. I am appalled that anyone in a position of responsibility would advocate relaxing legal protections for children.

  3. What would have been unthinkable, even ten years ago is now out in the open and promoted and praised. How?

    1. That’s what amazes me. I realize that we live in a world of lust and immorality, but children have long been protected in Western culture, and seen as off limits from such things.

      Children need to be protected. A person of malign intent could easily lure a child into something that could scar them emotionally, for life.

      I knew a young woman that was sexually abused as a child. She was a very nice person and I loved her like a daughter, but she ended up dying quite young, as a consequence of the many medications it took to regulate her mental state.

      It all started when she was abused as a child. The perpetrator faced a relatively minor legal penalty, but that didn’t relieve her from the emotional damage he caused. The last time I saw her, she was in a terrible state, and it was heartbreaking. This was a hardworking, young lady with a great disposition, but she had been reduced to barely functioning.

      Sexually abused children may not show any emotional scars until they get into their late 20s, or even into their 30s, but then it can come back to mind, and hit them like a ton of bricks. Frequently, there is a great deal of guilt felt by the victims, even though they were taken advantage of by an adult, or adolescent. Removing protection of children from such things is about as bad of an idea as I could imagine.

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