My Newswithviews Column, April 20 (‘Look Who Wants to Run the World’)

A male stranger in a car trying to lure a girl with candies | Stock image |  Colourbox

“Want some candy, little girl?”

Every sane and decent thing in this poor, fallen world is under attack today… usually by persons who are supposed to be protecting us.

Look Who Wants to Run the World

I keep feeling the need to ask this: “How in the world did we ever let this happen?” We’ve got perverts running the show. United Nations, teachers’ unions, Democrats. “Want some candy, little boy?” You’d swear they were trying on purpose to drive the human race into extinction.

We appeal to the Judge of all the earth: “How long, O Lord?”

‘Satan’s Not An Evil Guy’—?

[Thanks to Susan for the appalling nooze tip.]

Does your child’s school have an “After-school Satan Club”? Not yet… but this is happening in public schools here and there throughout the country, so don’t be too surprised if your child’s school is next.

Here’s a commercial produced for the After-school Satan Club. “Satan’s Not an Evil Guy.” Oh, heck no. Satan is for “Science”! Oh, yeah–science. And “Truth.” Courtesy of the father of lies. And don’t forget “Fun”! Satan brings kids “fun.”

And see, it’s all just fine because, after all, Satan isn’t real, he’s just an Imaginary Friend who’ll teach us how to live. “And by the way, there is no Hell.” So you don’t have to worry about going there–so just do whatever floats your boat.

Are you okay with this? It’s public education. Teachers’ unions. CRT and “gender reassignment.” Fundamental transformation of America. Honk if you’re on board.

Please remove your kids from public education.

What else can I say?

Satanists Sue School District (LOL)

Satan after school? Club "inspired" by Satan to start at local elementary  school | WKRC

The “Satanic Temple” has announced that it will sue the North York, Pennsylvania, school district for not allowing an “After-School Satan Club” (

Sheesh! Can you say “coals to Newcastle”? Public education is a Satan club!

It seems the school offered to let them have their club–supposedly devoted to Smart Thinking and “rationalism”, as defined by themselves–if they didn’t call it a Satan club or use the name of Satan. We are talking here of clubs that meet on school property, which is public property.

Public, eh? You mean, like, “who pays for that school property”? Why, that would be the defenseless public, no one else, taxed half to death and yet with absolutely no say as to how the money is used, or what is taught there, or who teaches it. What could be more Satanic than that?

(Well, yeah, they could easily make it worse by adding Critical Race Theory and transgender stuff–if they don’t already have it.)

You’d think the public would get to own the property they pay for!

Just one of those unjust, unreasonable, and stupid things that needs to be changed, big-time.

‘Portland’s After-School Satan Club’ (2016)

Image result for images of grinning devil

All right, they said it, not me–worshiping the Devil is, like, hand-in-glove with “science and rational thought.”

Portland’s After School Satan Club

I don’t know if this has spread beyond the weirdness that is Portland, OR, where the mayor orders the police to stand down whenever Antifa wants to riot. If you live there, we’d be very interested in hearing what’s with that place.

But we know what’s with the public schools. And why Christian parents continue to send their children there is a mystery.