Stop Surrendering the Language!

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Language is basic. Without it, we’re not even human. It’s how we connect with each other.

So please stop turning it into garbage already!

What in the world do big-name “conservatives”–Sean Hannity springs to mind, like a jack-in-the-box–think they’re conserving… when they speak of some guy as “she” or “her”? Like this man is actually a woman.

Why are they surrendering this ground? This is our language, you whimpering fools! It is meant to be an accurate reflection of reality. And you’re giving it up! You’re giving up reality.

If you do that, then nothing else will be worth defending.

I have a dreadful feeling that the side that wins the Transgender debate wins… everything. I pray the Lord won’t let that happen. I don’t think He will. But all of you who thought it’d be cool to hop on board the Trans bandwagon… well, you’ll see.

2 comments on “Stop Surrendering the Language!

  1. I’ve felt, for some time now, that what is happening around us is a war on reality, itself. Gaslighting, at an astounding scale. IMO, this is demonic in origin, designed to undermine our very trust in ourselves. We can only remain oriented to reality if our trust is in our Maker.

    1. The more lies and delusions they feed us, the more they complain about “misinformation.” I really loathe these people.

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