‘Is It “News”–Or Psychological Warfare Against America?’ (2020)

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Let us never, never, never forget what our so-called governments, so-called news media, and so-called educators did to us during their so-called Pandemic. It must not be allowed to happen again–and you can be sure they’ll try.

Is It ‘News’–or Psychological Warfare Against America?

I think we understand it better now. At least I think I have a clearer picture of the role of the media–a coordinated effort for Democrat victory in that year’s election, no matter what the cost to the American people.

Plus they enjoy making us jump through hoops. And it gives them a thrill to scare people and make them think they’re gonna die unless some shabby globalist Far Left jidrools save them.


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  1. Christians fell asleep at the wheel and the antichrists took over. As R.J. Rushdoony preached, we need Christian Reconstruction where Biblical worldview entrepreneurs build social media companies, make movies and podcasts, create Christian schools and universities, and lead the way in free enterprise with the majority in gov’t bureaucracy being for America First – you know, a Christian Constitutional Republic.

    1. I agree, which is why I wrote this:

      “Secular,” as used in this book, means without the true God and true religion. For a true Christian, there is nothing that takes place outside the purview of our Lord and Savior—all things take place within the kingdom of Christ. That is why Christians can and should be involved in every social aspect to which they can contribute. Nothing is outside of His control, His domain, or His interest. There is no area of life that is off-limits to Christian involvement. Moreover, if something is intrinsically evil—such as slave trading (or its modern equivalent, exploitation of human embryos)—it must be warred against or challenged.”

      You might ask, where can I read the rest of this text or message? Brother Lee just did a book review of that book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation: How to Sort Biblical Fact from Theological Fiction.”

  2. I am glad brother Lee, did a review of my book. I believe, I pointed out a huge problem with a particular doctrine and teaching, and provided the solution. However, I believe there still is a much deeper and intrinsic issue. And it’s this, where the real heart of the problem lies. I agree with R.J. Rushdoony, we need Christian Reconstruction. But still there is something which must come first, which must lie beneath.

    I believe a 2017 book “The Martyr’s Oath” by Johnnie Moore has really hit the heart of the matter. Let me relay a bit from the Introduction concerning the late Bishop M. A. Thomas. He established ninety-five Bible institutes, sixty-one orphanages, forty-three thousand church plants, a hospital, medical clinics, substance abuse programs, and a publishing arm that prints literature in the countless languages of India. As a bishop, he oversaw ten thousand churches, many which were planted in leper colonies. He survived at least fifteen assassination attempts and walked with a limp because he was beaten so many times.

    One year extremists threw Molotov cocktails over the wall during a gathering the day before the graduation service, threatening to kill Bishop Thomas and burn down the church. His booming reply came over a microphone. “Listen to me! he said. “Tomorrow there will be a service at this church. It will be a funeral service or a graduation service, but there will be a service!”

    The heart of this book is the Martyr’s Oath (they pledged their lives and deaths to Jesus), that those who want to graduate from his school must take. I will not quote it here, but it is a sobering, solemn, and earnest oath. I wonder, how many, which call themselves Christians would even dare to take this oath.

    I think everyone should read this book. And I would suggest to brother Lee, if he is looking for another book to review, he might want to consider this one.

  3. That sounds like you have a lifetime supply of books to review. Which means, you need to live another 60 years or so, so get to work, we are waiting to read your reviews. You must have moved my book to the top of the list, or it might never have been reviewed. Thank you.

    The Martyr’s Oath, in truth, is nothing more then what Jesus taught us, what a follower should be and how to conduct his/her affairs in life. But it is stated in an explicit, vivid, and striking way.

    I have thought much about that oath, could I really take it? Remember, as scripture teaches, it is better not to vow, then to vow, and not keep your promise.

    1. I have: 1) A new book to write; 2)daily blog pieces; 3)Newswithviews once a week; 4)several books to read and then review, that I haven’t got to yet. (I expedited your book as best I could.)

      P.S.–I hate the prospect of being killed, unresistingly, by vermin like the World Economic Fund or Red China. I’d rather see them provide the next round of martyrs.

  4. “I’d rather see them provide the next round of martyrs” Love the way you stated this. Nevertheless, the only thing they can procure is the next round of human guinea pigs, which many people willingly consent too.

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