‘Global Warming Wackos: “Terminate Industrial Civilization”‘ (2015)

Wanna save The Planet? Well, nine years ago, on New Zealand TV, this jidrool from Arizona had the answer:

“Terminate industrial civilization,” lock, stock, and barrel, throw it all out! It might lead to a quick die-off of the whole human race… but hey, we’re gonna go extinct anyway, right?

Global Warming Wacko: ‘Terminate Industrial Civilization’

I have a category on this blog: “Governed by people who hate us.” This really has to change, and we’ll be sorry if we can’t put a stop to it. Evil crackpots in government can do a lot of mischief!

And evil crackpots on TV are just as bad.

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  1. One town was asked by a manufacturing plant permission to use battery operated heavy equipment, but they were refused when it was discovered it would take more electricity than the whole town used. It seems the batteries for big trucks weigh 10,000 pounds and each truck requires two such batteries. Surely the globalist pushing EVs knows this can never work. And how about all the materials to make turbines and solar panels come from fossil fuels. Kick the jidrools out, the sooner, the better (and why does my Spell Check tell me jidrool isn’t a word?).

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