‘Big Brother’s Going to “Help” Us’ (2016)

Here’s your choice–obey or die!

So far Our All-Wise, All-Glorious Rulers have told us they mean to take away our gas stoves, then our dishwashers, then our cars–remember, this is the gang that likes to call itself “pro-choice”–and whatever else they can think of. They don’t want us plebs living too high on the hog.

Big Brother’s Going to ‘Help’ Us

The end game, I think, is to take away even the very notion that we might ever have a choice about anything. They prey on us. Push it a little farther and they’d be eating us.

When are they coming for our air conditioners and our refrigerators?

All to Save The Planet, of course. Save it from normal people.

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  1. Trump clobbered CNN’s Town Hall, and he will clobber in the election and put things back to the way he had it before Covid was used to steal his second term from him. There is a Lord on the Throne Who is omnipotent and judges sin and rewards righteousness. Put your trust in Christ as He uses his imperfect son, Donald Trump.

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