‘Is Gangsta Rap Really Violent?’ (2016)

Police investigators at the Irving Plaza music hall after a shooting during a concert headlined by the rapper T.I. on Wednesday.

Is it me, or have shootings at rap concerts actually decreased in number? A few years ago they seemed to be a weekly occurrence.

Is Gangsta Rap Really Violent?

Maybe everybody who was going to get shot has by now been shot. Or could it be that these events are still happening but have been upstaged and crowded out of the nooze cycle by other unpraiseworthy activities? I do try to avoid rap music, and maybe I’ve been more successful than I thought.

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    1. Herodotus said the Persians became a great nation because they made sure to teach their children two things: to shoot straight, and tell the truth.

      We can’t match them, can we?

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