‘Delight Thyself in the Lord’ (For Erlene)

This is our way of showing our sister Erlene that she’s still in our prayers, not forgotten, and we pray that her recovery is making progress. We know how she loves Carroll Roberson’s hymns.

So here’s one now–Delight Thyself in the Lord. I couldn’t resist the bison in the background.

17 comments on “‘Delight Thyself in the Lord’ (For Erlene)

  1. thank you so much. I do LOVE his music. I wonder if this reply is going to arrive.

    1. This upcoming one will be in a country where Christianity has freedom but the next one after that is another closed country

    2. I don’t suppose you could send us on-the-scene reports now and then. Would that sort of undermine a secret mission?

    3. Okay, good, this works. And just to get this straight–you’ve been on missionary work overseas recently, right?

    4. Yes recently. Every few weeks I’ll be going overseas. Next one is not an issue: Thailand. But other places are security sensitive

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