‘Activists’ Threaten Loudon County Parents

Parents and community members attend a Loudoun County School Board meeting which included a discussion about the academic doctrine known as Critical Race Theory in 2021.

Stand up a little taller and take your children out of there! It’s the only thing those “educators” will understand.

Well, here’s more of that bad nooze we’ve been talking about. It’d be pleasant to ignore it. But then the bad guys win.

The Loudon County, Virginia, school district has been at the center of fierce controversy–and the LGBT crowd doesn’t like it. Hey! Who do you people think you are, objecting to the curriculum and policies you get stuck to pay for?

And so we have the “Loudon County Love Warriors” making violent threats against objecting parents (https://nypost.com/2023/05/13/mom-says-activists-threatened-to-curb-stomp-her-for-speaking-out-against-curriculum/). Notice what happens to the word “love” when these villains use it. It becomes a symptom for fomenting and promoting racial animosities and aberrant sexual behavior… for children.

This needs to stop, and it’s up to the American people to stop it. King George III had an army and a navy to throw at us, and we stopped him. Are we going to be cowed by a few wackos on the Internet?

I’m convinced the only way to stop it, for good, is for all Christian children to be removed from public education–millions of them. Let the groomers ply their trade in empty classrooms. Let’s just see how many people really, truly, want the toxic garbage that they’re “teaching.”

Support the Army of Parents in Loudon County! We’re all in this together.

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  1. I agree with you. The school system is completely infected. Even the private, charter and independent schools all have to hire teachers from the same indoctrinated pool being churned out by the universities.

    When we were homeschooling, one of the objections many homeschoolers faced was from people who actually agreed the school system sucked. They would argue that if we want the system to change, we have to send our kids to school and fight for them from within the system. If they don’t, then that hurts everyone else’s kids. As many homeschooling parents responded (including those that were school teachers in the public system!), the response is simple: they are responsible for their own kids, and were not willing to sacrifice them for others.

    What no one seemed to suggest, though, was that if all parents who had complaints about the system simply pulled their kids, that would be the fastest and most efficient way to resolve the problem. The few kids in school, the less funding they get. Starve them out until the system collapses. Government shouldn’t be running our schools, anyhow.

    1. The logic of trying to change the school system from within is deeply flawed, and children are at risk during the process. I was in the school system back in the ‘60s, and even then, there were significant problems. If you want to reason with a rattlesnake, rule one is to keep your distance. Rule two is that no matter how much you reason with it, it’s still what it is, and will still be dangerous.

    2. The teachers’ unions and the teachers’ colleges are 100% corrupted, and their personnel must be kept away from children.

      Let’s ask a question, to which I have not yet found an answer.

      ***How many children in America have been subjected to “gender reassignment” surgery and drugs?

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