Should I Change This Blog?

10 tips for delivering bad news—Commentary

I’ve been pondering a suggestion by a reader that I go nooze-free here for a whole week, every other week. There’s too much bad nooze out there, and we who follow it are at risk of losing heart.

Other readers, including my editor, don’t want me to change. This blog is part of Chalcedon’s international Christian ministry; and considering the wide liberty they’ve allowed me, gratitude demands that I do my best to please them. But I want to please my readers, too.

I do try to lighten the burden by going mostly nooze-free on the weekends and offering three series–Joe Collidge, Byron’s TV Listings, and Oy, Rodney–that are there solely to perk us up. A good laugh is a gift of God. Plus we have posts about nature, history, Bible study, and any little oddities I think might be of interest.

I know the nooze is daunting; it certainly daunts me. But we don’t want to be like those Israelite spies who said it was a very bad idea to obey God and go forth to claim the Promised Land. Caleb said “Go for it!”, and he was blessed for that. We’re up against a bad patch in human history… but doesn’t God Himself say “Go for it”? Are we going to hide from the wicked, or stand up toe-to-toe against them and proclaim Christ’s kingdom?

As bad as it is, it’s nothing compared to what the early Christians faced. As Christ promised, the gates of Hell could not prevail against them.

The fight is long and hard and often discouraging.

But it’s our fight, and God is with us.

12 comments on “Should I Change This Blog?

  1. I think most of us who’ve come here and stayed here have done so because we like the format the way it is. Changing to something else might lose the regulars and not necessarily attract new readers. Myself, I find the format just right. And there’s enough daily mix so that on some days if I’m not in the mood for one part of the mix, I just glance at or skip a given post. But that seldom happens. There’s usually an excellent play of dynamics — angst, humor, cute stuff, amazing facts, and of course, the friendly “over the back fence” nature of the comments. I think you have just the right mix. And as we used to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” There’s also something about a bird in the hand….

  2. I find news stories here I don’t find anywhere else – glad you have the time I do not. Sure. the news is bad, but compared to ancient civilizations we are still much better off. Most of the horrible things we hear about are happening in the metropolis areas of the country. Compared to the rest of the world we live like kings, queens, and priests. With Christ the glass is half full and getting ready to be filled even more according to our obedience.

    1. Well, it’d be nice to have the viewers back that I had three years ago… before the algorithm brigade cut me off from half of them.

  3. I agree with Phoebe and the others! I think you maintain a great balance of variety.

  4. Wow, my suggestion sure inspired a lot of comments. As I read through them, I admit, I do agree with all of them. Nevertheless, God had His people rest, no work, one day a week. Warriors (as some authors are), do need time each week to recharge, revitalize, and rejuvenate. Even bodybuilders, such as the guy who spoke these words in a movie “I’ll be back,” took a day off once in a while. And they too, alternate their regiment of workouts, it’s not the same every day.

    My suggestion was just a suggestion, of getting a bit more rest and considering a bit less nooze, and not necessarily a whole week off every other week. I too, like the way your blog is, but I was thinking of your mental health, for I am sure your other readers would like you to continue your blog for many more years. And God willing, if your mind can handle writing about all that insanity week after week, I will continue to read it…and pray for strength from the Lord to continue, as this blog is a good work, I think God is pleased.

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