‘France Goes Full-Throttle for Censorship’ (2020)

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I trust we understand this temptation: “Hey! Wouldn’t it be absolutely great if the common schlubs had only the rights we say they have from day to day? Wouldn’t it be great if we could just tread them down whenever we felt like it?”

The governments of the world succumbed to this temptation. It was The Great COVID Pandemic, and it made them drunk, roaring drunk, on a taste of unchecked power.

France Goes Full-Throttle for Censorship

This is a dynamic of history: Someone is always trying to wipe out everybody else’s freedom. Usually it’s the people’s own government. It can be a foreign enemy, bent on conquest. Examples of both abound–now as much as ever. No sooner was the Internet invented than wannabe tyrants devised ways to use it against us.

Only God believes in human liberty. 

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