Victory in Jesus, Not In Us

The bad news is, we don’t wield the means of victory. It’s just not in us–look at all the mistakes.

But the good news is that the victory’s in Jesus Christ Our Lord. “So Christ is moving His church forward,” Mark Rushdoony writes, “but we’re also learning the hard way that sin doesn’t work…”

Here’s more: “So there is no man, no nation, no movement in history that can be given real credit for the continuity of the Kingdom of God. It’s the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit.”

God knows, the constant drumbeat of really bad news, the degeneration of our culture for everyone to see–one might easily feel overwhelmed.

But we don’t have to. Read on, read on.

(Andrea Schwartz conducted the interview from which this text is taken.)


2 comments on “Victory in Jesus, Not In Us

  1. The more I experience, the more convinced I become that the struggle between right and wrong is very dynamic. Teaching is the best thing we can do.

  2. Yes, God’s purposes for history will come to pass whether we cooperate with it and join in its rewards, or we go our own way and miss out on the blessings of being in the battle.

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