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‘Victory in Jesus’

I had never heard this classic hymn before–Victory in Jesus, published in 1939 by Mr. Barlett. Sung here by Burl Ives.


‘Victory in Jesus’

This hymn, Victory in Jesus, is from 1939, and here enjoys a spirited rendition by the choir and congregation at The Church of God. I’d never heard it until this morning.

NOTE: I am requesting your requests! I’ve taken on the duty to post at least one hymn here every day, and I’d have a much easier time of it if more of you would request hymns. At the very least, I’d be repeating myself less often. So many of you have never asked! Come on, now, don’t be shy–make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

‘Victory in Jesus’

Here’s a hymn that you can say “Amen!” to; and there’s a story that goes with it, too.

Eugene Bartlett, born in 1885, was a successful businessman who founded the Hartford Music Company and Music Institute. His purpose was to publish hymns and hymnals and train singers and musicians to glorify God. He wrote many of the hymns in his hymnal himself–over 800 in all, which is getting into Fanny Crosby numbers.

Victory in Jesus–here sung by a congregation at the New Testament Baptist Church in Northfield, Ohio–was published in 1939. It was the last hymn Barlett wrote before his death in 1941. He only lived 56 years, but he certainly accomplished much.

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