‘Dem Candidate Admits, “I Hate This Country”‘ (2018)

Drunk driving: What does it take? > Air Force > Display

Is this the ideal Democrat personified, or what?

And it all started with a bit of drunk driving. Driving without his headlights on at 2:30 in the morning attracted the attention of the police.

Dem Candidate Admits, ‘I Hate This Country’

Well, the guy was totally beneered, blotto, plastered; and he said a lot of wacky things, a few of which could be true but don’t hold your breath. Said he owned a “clothing-optional lifestyle retreat.” He sounds like a Democrat.

If it’s true we get the government we deserve, we’re in serious trouble.

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  1. You’d think his local Party bosses would have vetted him a little before funding his campaign. But maybe they were too drunk or stoned (or blackmailed) to do it. Or then again, maybe they just didn’t see anything wrong with it and just played the odds that he’d never get into any trouble about it.

    1. The trouble is that the party hacks who do the vetting are also sociopaths.

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